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margaret lauterbach (
Sun, 07 Mar 1999 11:30:41 -0700

At 11:55 AM 3/7/99 -0600, you wrote:
>margaret lauterbach wrote:
>> At 12:25 PM 3/7/99 -0500, you wrote:
>> >Now isn't that strange. We have one of the plantation carts made by an
>> >outfit in Vermont. We think it's the greatest since sliced bread. :-) I
>> >huge loads in it and wheel it about quite easily. Sample loads would be
>> >a face cord of wood for the greenhouse, 6-8 sacks of potatoes, corn,
>> >carrots, My chipper /shredder, mounds of garden debris. It is so easy
to use
>> >that we had a 5 year old pulling her 7 year sister around in it. We wonder
>> >what we would do without it now.
>> >Friends are the flowers in the Garden of LIfe
>> >Bill Loke USDA 4b
>> >RR#1 Kars Ont K0A 2E0
>> It's easy to use when it's empty or has a light load, but a heavy load is
>> something else in my yard.  Margaret
>I can understand that. From recent posts your yard is rapidly becoming a
A frozen swamp, at that.  Did I mention it's snowing?  :-((( On the good
news side, we now have robins in residence, or at least one.  the previous
ones were migrating.  This one's enjoying its territory.  George, would you
please alert us when the hummers come through?  Thanks, Margaret