Re: [gardeners] Planting Times--MA

Lorraine Young (
Sun, 7 Mar 1999 15:13:57 -0500

I love indicators like this because it doesn't matter where you live or 
what the weather has been like, it works.(unless the indicator isn't 
in your area).

One I use is you prune your roses when the forsythia is in bloom 
(Thank you John Reeves).

Typically, you plant spring frost tolerant plants (spinach, lettuce, 
peas) when the ground is workable.  I'm not completely sure of 
what this means but I do know the ground can't be frozen and not 
too wet (I'm gardening in a partial swamp.)  For me in zone 6, that's 
not until April sometime.

On 6 Mar 99, Bill Loke wrote:

> Around here the time to plant peas is when the leaves on the lilacs are
> the size of a mouse's ear.
Lorraine Young, Southern Ontario