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>>>>Dear list,
>>>>  What?  Planting peas near Boston on St. Pattie's Day?  (before the 
>>>>traditional pub crawl I am assuming)  Both my parents were Yankees and 
>>>>they always told me "never plant before Memorial Day".  Anyone else 
>>>>concur?  They also used to say, "corn knee high by the 4th of July"...
>>>>  How about the greater DC area list members?  When are you all planning 
>>>>garden plantings to avoid last frosts?
>>>>  Carolyn
>>>>  Zone 7b
>>>>  Bethesda
>>>If you wait that late, the pea weevils will have a high old time.  Margaret
>>Most things are planted out about Memorial Day but peas is not one of them,
>>including sweet peas.  Lucinda
>Okay, Lucinda, but think about it.  You can and should plant broccoli,
>Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, spinach, lettuce, radishes,
>carrots, peas, sugar snap peas, turnips, rutabagas, potatoes, Swiss chard,
>beets, endive, onions and Asian greens long before Memorial Day.  That's
>about the time you set out frost-tender plants such as tomatoes, peppers,
>eggplants, corn, squashes, cucumbers, celery and melons.  
>After planting most of the garden early last year, I was rather surprised
>at how little there was to plant after the last date of expected frost.  In
>the past, I've planted the early garden over a period of time, but last
>year planted it all at once.  Best, Margaret

OOPS!  I was rather brief, wasn't I!  I do always put out my 'greens'
garden about the 1st of April, sometimes before---yes, most of the stuff
you list above.