Re: [gardeners] Cutworms

penny x stamm (
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 23:09:20 -0500

I always cut the top & bottom off a Clorox bottle and bury 
about 2 inches below the ground level, leaving 2 inches above 
ground. It has never failed me. Of course, I'm talking about
tomatoes and green peppers. Nothing else gets protected. 

My hubby's cousin insisted that marigolds would keep the
squirrels away from the veggies, so he planted a bunch of
bright yellow marigolds around the lettuce, scallions, snow peas 
cukes and the bok choy. Hah-hah, the flowers lasted the entire 
summer, and so did the bok choy -- but the varmints got the 
lettuce, snow peas, all but two cukes. At least I got the 
scallions -- love to stand there and simply chomp on 'em. Have
never seen a job like they did on the lettuce -- all the way 
down to a nub sticking up from the dirt, and all in one night!  I
was so angry that I didn't touch anything, and guess what? 
In a few days, the lettuce grew back up, just like that. Unable 
to resist, I broke off a piece to enjoy, and was horrified to find
that the lettuce I had chosen was so extraordinarily bitter that
I couldn't possibly use it!  So who got the last laugh....??? 

Penny, NY zone 6

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