Re: [gardeners] planting time in New England

penny x stamm (
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 01:18:59 -0500

No, Margaret, Jimmie did not get a chance to shovel. He went
to bed at 2:00am, got up at 5:30am, saw the snow in the 
driveway but somehow he preferred at that hour to work on the
computer instead of jumping into his cloz and rushing out to
shovel the snow before it melted....  Unfortunately, he went
back to bed at 7:30am, and by the time he awoke, it was still
on the lawn and shrubs, but gone from the driveway. I've seen
that man go out into the street in front of our house and shovel,
just to get a feel of the good white stuff!  Poor fellow -- all his
kids get snowbound, and he's left standing on the stoop, 
leaning on his shovel and remembering better years.

Yes indeed, I am just about as unhappy with the conditions in my
garden as you are. Frustrated, of course. I have quite a bit of
replacement to take care of this spring, after last summer's too
wet spring and subsequent summer lack of rain. It's bitter cold
outside once again, with no snow cover to protect anything. 
Scares me... 

It sems to me that some of our corespondents in Canada have
these conditions every winter, namely no snow plus high winds,
and yet their gardens survive extremely long, freezing temps.
Is it a matter of knowing what to plant..?   

Penny, NY zone 6 -- so they say...

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