Re: [gardeners] planting time in New England

Penny Nielsen (
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 10:37:15 -0400

Hi Penny in NY - 

I do loose some plants some years even tho they've been mulched, etc.  I find that good drainage is key cause winters when there is no snow cover usually means lots of rain plus freeze/thaw cycles.  Even tho my beds are about 2 ft. deep, I find that the bottom foot or so is that lousy load of clay that we bought the first year and has sunk to the bottom.  Now when I plant something that requires good drainage, I dig down about 1-1/2 ft. and replace the bottom half foot with a real sandy mixture.  Top foot is good loam.  This seems to help.  Planted a couple of very marginal plants on the side of the house in a protected area last fall and anxious to see if they have survived, sans mulch.

Think Spring.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Zone 5/6a

>>> penny x stamm <> 03/09/99 02:18AM >>>

It sems to me that some of our corespondents in Canada have
these conditions every winter, namely no snow plus high winds,
and yet their gardens survive extremely long, freezing temps.
Is it a matter of knowing what to plant..?   

Penny, NY zone 6 -- so they say...

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