[gardeners] Tuesday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 09 Mar 1999 20:59:39 -0600

Planted a few things today, some more basil, scarlet runner beans around
the teepee, replanted the NZ spinach,  Miz Anne planted about 5
different kinds of flowers in "her" beds. We're gonna put some
nastursiums in a couple of hanging baskets tomorrow and then hang them
by the front door. Gotta get the netting up for the lagenaria too, the
plants are trying to climb on the greenhouse walls. Seems as though we
are fully engaged in spring so will probably start the cukes, plant the
tomato, eggplant, and chile seedlings tomorrow or the next day.

The purple hyacinth beans are fully emerged now but the green beans
haven't shown yet. Hope we didn't buy some old Contender seed at the
garden center. Getting ready to yank out some flat-leaf Italian parsley,
stuff is stronger than the volunteer cilantro. Will dehydrate it for
soups and stews but will use only sparingly as dehydrating tends to
concentrate flavors. Have some triple curled parsley from Pinetree
that's looking for a place to grow so will sow it where the flat leaf

Still crawling around on the ground putting bricks in around the herb
garden. I'm amazed at the variety of bricks we've accumulated over the
years. They range from really soft Mexican brick to fire brick to a type
from our first home that is almost like tile, ie it won't absorb water
at all. Gonna be an odd looking but interesting border, I'm putting the
brick names to the outside. Even ran up on a couple of Corsicana Cherry
Reds, a rather rare Texas made brick. Must have come from one of the old
buildings in downtown Lake Charles. I'm prone to scavenge in the high
income end of town. <VBG>