Re: [gardeners] Tuesday in the garden

Gayle Fields (
Tue, 09 Mar 1999 21:33:16 -0700

You know George, I love reading your posts but you are hard on us Zone
3'ers as a diet coach is on a chocolate loving person!!  You tantalize
our gardening palettes and give us whiffs of scents that are to die
for!!  MY god man do you do this on purpose!!  Even Kiama is a praying
about living a life like 'Sleepy Dawg'- as long as it is warm and the
sun shines on her back.  I, personally, drool at planting anything in
the back yard.  GEORGE!! You are a TEASE!!

Gayle, just come in from walking Kiama through the snow and saying.
"Soon, Kiama, soon."

George Shirley wrote:
> Planted a few things today, some more basil, scarlet runner beans around
> the teepee, replanted the NZ spinach,  Miz Anne planted about 5
> different kinds of flowers in "her" beds. We're gonna put some
> nastursiums in a couple of hanging baskets tomorrow and then hang them
> by the front door. Gotta get the netting up for the lagenaria too, the
> plants are trying to climb on the greenhouse walls. Seems as though we