[gardeners] Wichita Flower show

Barb Rothenberger (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 06:14:52 -0600

Well, we just got home from Kansas - went to topeka to visit friends, then
drove down to Wichita to see the flwoer show.  Really a very nice show -
not quite as spectacular as the Phila Flower show where we went last year,
but very nice - also not NEAR as crowded as Phila was.  The other nice
thing was most all of the vendors were hort or garden related - didn't see
any ginsu knives etc.  
	We bought a ratchet pruner and a ratchet lopper.  Not very cheap but did
get a show special of $5.00 off cause we bought both of them.  Then had to
buy another orchid - a Phael - yellow one at that.  Nice to be able to BUY
things and bring them home.  Pits when flying!  Know we will be frustrated
at the Chelsea flower show.
	We also took a brief look at Botanica, their botanical garden.  It's on
the list of a place we want to visit when it is a bit greener.  surprising
that they had daffodils in bloom, however.  We just have crocus and oh
forget the name of the little iris looking flower - its green with dark
purple almost black falls.  
	leave today for a couple of days in Memphis.  Just missed all the nasty
weather on Monday - snowed north of us. We had sleet and freezing rain, but
was only here for a brief time.  
	Cheers!  Barb
p.s. George - thanks for the seeds - anxious to plant a few but back yard
is the great Missouri swamp right now!
Barb Rothenberger
Columbia, Mo.
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