[gardeners] Sugar Snaps

Linda Sims (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 07:18:30 -0500

Morning from snowy VA....south of DC, where 7" of snow paralyzed the town, but a question about sugar snaps.... 

The back of the package says 6ft....but I want to teepee this for our daughter....so really need 7-8feet...am I dreamin' or is there another more appropriate variety? 

We have to go to Charolottesville Friday  to take our dauther to a regional science fair...but they would allow parents in the building while interviews and judging is going on... so.,.... I noticed that Plough and Heath has a catalog outlet store there...anyone been there? Is it a true outlet or false advertising? 

thanks from zone 7a, under 7  of snow... 

Linda Sims Stafford, VA