Re: [gardeners] GS Tease

George Shirley (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 09:56:18 -0600

"Byron.Bromley" wrote:

> For you gardeners looking out on your white gardens and
> George is teasing us about getting his started.
> Remember this...
> In June, July and Aug.. George is going to be in the triple digit heat
> range or close to it, While you are out in your garden in the 80's
> Byron

Yeah, but I'll still be harvesting stuff planted in February and March and
the okra and edible gourds will be growing like crazy. It's all what
you're used to. When we were working in Saudi Arabia we used to experience
winters where the temp got down as low as 75F at times. The workers from
Sri Lanka, India, etc - mostly from countries on or close to the equator,
would put on jackets and wooly caps once the temps dropped below 80 or
85F. We thought it was funny at the time but now sympathize with them.