Re: [gardeners] soap

George Shirley (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 09:50:44 -0600

"Byron.Bromley" wrote:

> My point of soap. I got flammed on another list for mentioning using
> dishsoap for aphids.
> A: The orignal soap was about the same as Fels Naptha
>      Recommended in many OG books
>      Pain in the butt to use
> B: Safers soap is a potassium based soap 4X the cost and
>     4x the amount needed as regular dish soap
> C: Regular dishsoap seems to be just as effective at 1/16th the
>     cost.
> A Yankee Tightwad
> Byron

Well, you won't get flamed here Byron. This isn't one of those gardening
lists that only allows certain topics. As long as you are polite,
present your case, we'll listen.