[gardeners] False Jerusalem Cherry

David G. Smith (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 21:25:46 -0500

Solanum capsicastrum, the best picture I found was here:


We went to Monticello in the fall and I got one of these.  It is an
attractive plant, but POISONOUS, so I took it to work.  (Two dogs here.)  I
got more than I bargained for with it, apparently; mealy bugs, aphids, and
whiteflies.  I threw it out today, but I kept all the fruits, and will send
seeds to any of you who would like some.

Of of the fruits fell off right after I got the plant.  I squoze out the
seeds and spread them over potting soil in two 4" pots, covered about 1/4".
 I think the germination rate was close to 100 percent, although some came
up weeks later than others.  I suppose I could rinse the seeds and dry
them, or maybe I could just squash a fruit in plastic wrap and mail it --
maybe someone could advise.

Anyway, let me know off-list if you'd like some.

David Smith