Re: [gardeners] cutworm

Allen and Judy Merten (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 23:00:20 -0600

Hi Bryon,
    We definitely have the wire worm in Texas, unless the wire worm you are
refering to is a local name for it.
    The wire worm I am refering to is sort of flat, segmented, brownish
orange, large mandibles, hard head, most of the ones that I have found were
1"-3" long. Is this the same "wireworm"?
    Bastrop Co., Tx.

Byron.Bromley wrote:

> One of pet peeves
> You have some control by placing collars around larger plants
> What about small plants like carrot and beet ?
> And you don't have the room for
>                           Plant  one for the cutworm
>                             one for the crow
>                         one to die
>                         one to grow
> George has an opportunity to till in the dead of winter, what about
> those who have 3 ft of snow on top of the ground and 3 to 4 ft of
> frozen ground underneath.
> And those that live west of the Mississippi also don't have another
> underground bug called wireworm, which is the larva of a Click Beetle
> which chews on the small feeder roots of all plants.
> The only OG control I have seen on this on is 2 handfulls of wood ash
> and 2 handfulls of lime in 5 gal of water to cover 5 sq ft. By the time
> you do that you have made you soil more acidic by almost a full pH
> point. Enough to kill a lot of veggie plants.
> This is where me and OG part company
> Byron