Re: [gardeners] Rochester weather

penny x stamm (
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 04:43:50 -0500

I guess many of you saw the news items of last week
when Rochester, NY had it's record breaker snow storm.
My d-i-law says they got 43 inches of snow in 48 hrs, and
with winds of 50 mph, the city was paralized. Called in the
National Guard - which was still there 3 days later! Governor
Pataki arrived to declare it an official catastrophe. And the
most startling thing of all:  the schools closed. They NEVER
close their schools!  Radio & TV begged the public that 
anyone who had a snowmobile, please call the local fire or
police dep't to lend a hand...

Now, remember the long discussion all of us had about a
month or so ago, about where on earth can Rochester put all its
snow...? Well, after much public talk, they have a solution.  

It seems that they would have happily dumped the snow in Lake
Ontario, only there does not exist a platform from which they
could do the dumping! So they are now dumping the snow into
the Genesee River (which runs thru town, I believe), since they
have a perfect loading platform there, and the water continues
on its course right into Lake Ontario.......  

Obviously, there has been no salt or sand spread before this snow
removal. Therefore they do not consider this a polution factor. 

Penny, NY

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