[gardeners] weather/gardening stuff

Allen and Judy Merten (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 05:50:50 -0600

Hi All,
    I sit here and watch the weather our northern neighbors are
experiencing right now with mucho sympathy for them. I suppose all the
extra snow will mean the possibility of flooding come spring when it
does all thaw out. I know that if all that precipitation was down south,
here in Texas we would be about neck deep in water.
    I haven't gotten as much done in the garden the past few days. The
ol' back has been acting up. I need to get out there and fertilize the
onions, row up 8 or 9 more rows so I can plant on the 17th. Wed. was
spent crawling up and down 4 half rows that are cursed with nut grass.
Thank goodness it's not the whole garden. Today I am going to get enough
pine needles to cover the 37 pepper plants. The weather man is
predicting lows in the mid thirties for Austin, which means about 5
degrees cooler here.  March 10th is our average last frost date, so this
is not too big of a surprise. It fooled the Mesquite trees though.
    George, I made a big pot of chicken and vegetable soup last night
with corn, peas, green beans and carrots. We have one bag of green beans
and 3 ears of corn left from last year. Can't wait for the new fresh
veggies to start coming in.
    I'm going to have to replant my lettuce. I don't know if I got bad
seeds or planted too deep. I have lettuce up but it is real sparse.
    Happy Gardening Yall,
    Bastrop Co.
    SE Central Tx.