Re: [gardeners] NE WEATHER

penny x stamm (
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 22:41:07 -0500

Allen, lots of thorns, don't be silly! And furthermore, some of the
are so prickly that they become impenetrable (even when we want
to prune 'em!)  Heat waves and droughts... ? Yes, we can get those
too -- 

But in October, does your scenery look like a paint-by-number canvas?
Have you ever walked down the middle of your invisible road, where 
everything in sight is glimmering under a coat of the purest white, 
carrying a jar of cranberry relish to your neighbor's where you will stop
for a mug of hot chocolate and some gingerbread...??? Did you ever
watch your kids skating on the local pond just like Hans Brinker...?

The odds are stacked in our favor up here. ..  I wouldn't want to see
Santa Claus in bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. 

Penny, NY

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