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penny x stamm (
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 22:16:52 -0500

George, in my garden it's skyrocketed up to 22 degrees, with a
raw, wild wind. Sad to say, we only counted 34 snowflakes before
it quit. Driving the car was difficult, but walking with the groceries
was even worse -- where on earth is all this wind coming from?
It took down a mammoth branch from my neighbor's white pine,
and made such a long tear that his tree may be imperiled! 

The first crocus has not peeked above ground anywhere in this
neighborhood. Darned smart bulb. 

You know, we turn off all the water supplies each December from
the inside, and open the outside faucets so no water remains
trapped to freeze any pipe during the winter. We drain all our auxilliary
hoses, screw their ends together, and carry them up to the attic. We
also use an air compressor to blow out all the underground soakers
and sprinklers. And yet -- I happened to look just beyond my back 
porch today and saw a 20 ft piece of old green hose thrown down on
the ground, across the end of the veggie garden and into the rose
bed, all right next to our main water supply.  

Now I know racoons are very clever. They can open the locks on
the garbage pails, tip them over and have a tea party... but do you
think they know how to hook up a garden hose when they are
thirsty, in the dead of winter...? I can just imagine the look of rage
and frustration, when nothing came out. I suppose we're darned
lucky that they didn't take the axe out of the garage to chop in
the back door. 

Penny, NY zone 6

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