Re: [gardeners] NE WEATHER

George Shirley (
Sat, 13 Mar 1999 06:01:53 -0600 wrote:

> At 10:41 PM 12-03-99 -0500, you wrote:
> >
> >Allen, lots of thorns, don't be silly! And furthermore, some of the
> >hollies
> >are so prickly that they become impenetrable (even when we want
> >to prune 'em!)  Heat waves and droughts... ? Yes, we can get those
> >too --
> >
> >But in October, does your scenery look like a paint-by-number canvas?
> >Have you ever walked down the middle of your invisible road, where
> >everything in sight is glimmering under a coat of the purest white,
> >carrying a jar of cranberry relish to your neighbor's where you will stop
> >for a mug of hot chocolate and some gingerbread...??? Did you ever
> >watch your kids skating on the local pond just like Hans Brinker...?
> >
> >The odds are stacked in our favor up here. ..  I wouldn't want to see
> >Santa Claus in bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.
> >
> >Penny, NY
> Right on, Penny.  That's how many of us feel.  Don't forget the feeling
> when there is a rapid thaw in the spring and the bulbs pop up and into
> bloom -- it's magical.  about the same time of year George is crawling
> inside to his air conditioner..........
> Lucinda

It's all what you're used to. If there was a paradise on earth this is what it
would hold for me:

Normal temperature 75F; rains enough to replenish the ground water and feed
the plants; sunshine the rest of the time. No bad bugs in the garden, plenty
of song birds, good neighbors, good roads, good schools, farmers make a
living. I would move there if there were such a place. Until then, I'll stay
where I am, here I'm used to the vagaries of the weather, know which bugs are
bad and which are good, can water when it's dry and be happy I live on a knoll
when it's wet. The sun shines most of the time and I actually like thunder

It's just turned 6 am and we've been up since 5. A large thunderstorm moved in
about then and we got up to watch it through the patio doors. Hopefully it
won't wash too much garden away and, after last year's drought, we're glad to
see the rain.

George, off to get another cup of that good dark roast Community coffee