Re: [gardeners] NE WEATHER/Texas weather

Allen and Judy Merten (
Sat, 13 Mar 1999 07:39:05 -0600

Hi Penny,
    Yes, to all but the cranberry relish and kids skating on a pond. Even
down on the Gulf Coast it has gotten cold enough to freeze the salt water in
the bays to a slush. We picked up stunned fish with dip nets.
    I don't want a white winter, although we occasionally get snow/and or
ice. We frequently get heavy frosts that coat everything with white. It is
indeed beautiful on the cedars, pines, bare oak and mesquite. The Youpon
Holly is especially beautiful with its red berries and evergreen leaves
coated with snow, ice or frost.
    We have many trees that have beautiful fall leaves. The reds, purples,
yellows, oranges, and all the shades in between, mixed with the different
shades of green from the pines, cedars, and Youpons on the hillsides are
beautiful and appreciated.
     I'm not sure what your perceptions are of the way Texas looks in the
fall or winter. Perhaps this will give you a better understanding.
    Santa in bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt would make me throw rocks.
    We did finally get some rain. We received 2.1" of rain in 24 hours. Also
had pea sized hail last night after 10pm for about 10-15 minutes. Got to
check the peppers to see how much damage was done to them. Wind this morning
is blowing about 50 mph and the temperature is 46*.
Bastrop Co.
SE Central Tx.

penny x stamm wrote:

> Allen, lots of thorns, don't be silly! And furthermore, some of the
> hollies
> are so prickly that they become impenetrable (even when we want
> to prune 'em!)  Heat waves and droughts... ? Yes, we can get those
> too --
> But in October, does your scenery look like a paint-by-number canvas?
> Have you ever walked down the middle of your invisible road, where
> everything in sight is glimmering under a coat of the purest white,
> carrying a jar of cranberry relish to your neighbor's where you will stop
> for a mug of hot chocolate and some gingerbread...??? Did you ever
> watch your kids skating on the local pond just like Hans Brinker...?
> The odds are stacked in our favor up here. ..  I wouldn't want to see
> Santa Claus in bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.
> Penny, NY
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