Re: [gardeners] SNOW!!!

penny x stamm (
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 00:27:25 -0500

Byron, my hubby is so-o-o-O frustrated that Massachusetts will
be getting a good, healthy snowfall while our 2 inches dissolve in 
tomorrow's rain, that he thinks we should pack up our 5 snow
shovels and our mittens, and head on up to your place! (Beware,
he eats like a lumberjack...) 

Right now the snow is falling straight down just like the snow in
the Metropolitan's Nutcracker. Our dreadful winds must have died
down. Do you think Herr Drosselmeyer will come in and fix my
broken toy if I say I truly believe...?  Oh, I do, I do, I do.. 

Penny, NY

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