Re: [gardeners] Good groan and moan

penny x stamm (
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 00:53:44 -0500

Ahh, Margaret, good old Ben Gay ...  Yesterday all I could do in the
yard was to carry a wheelbarrow full of kitchen clippings across the 
lawn about 100 feet, and then dig a good hole in the old compost for
burying the stuff, and cover it over. By the time I got back to the
garage, you would have thought I'd hand raked the whole yard, I was
so aching!  Today I spent baking, since my kids are all starting to
arrive home on Friday, and I had promised that I wouldn't lift a finger.
I figure that 5 days early doesn't count. There's no room left in the 
3 freezers, which is a problem. . .

But oh yes, I do ache. You've inspired me with the Ben Gay -- 
terrific solution. 

Tell me--:  could you utilize Preen to cut down on the weeds in
your beds? Last summer I was inundated with Veronica/Creeping
Charlie in both my largest flower bed, and the veggie garden. There
was no way I could hand pick it out, and I went crazy. The other
8 beds were clean!  I like a mulch on all beds, but my hubby hates
it because he says the pine bark nuggets bury themselves in the soil, 
and whenever he is digging, they are in his way. But THIS summer I
am going to try buckwheat hulls (about the size of lentils) spread 
at the same time I am planting my flower seedlings. They can always
be rototilled in without harming anything....  

Penny, NY 

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