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margaret lauterbach (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 14:52:09 -0700

At 01:09 AM 3/17/99 EST, you wrote:
>Dear Margaret:
>Sam's Club is owned by Walmart and has nothing to do with Price/Costco, Co.
>Price Club was purchased by Costco a few years back (5 years).  They are
>in Kirkland, WA.  Sam's aka Walmart is based in Bentonville, Arkansas.
>Merchandise carried by each is selected by totally different Merchandising
>RE:  Holland/Netherlands/Nederlands.  It has been Dutch bulbs from Holland
>centuries.  I was VP of Merchandising for Foster & Gallagher for 5 years.
>They have titles such as Breck's of Holland, Michigan Bulb, Stark Brothers,
>Springhill,, etc.  When I would go to our growers in
>Holland they always refereed to their country as Holland.  
>I am not sure when the name the Netherlands came into being.  If you are
>really interested I can check out the files.  I know when we celebrated the
>500 year anniversary of the tulip there was mention of it.
Thanks, Mary-Anne. I had thought Sam's Club was part of the Price-Costco
chain.  One of the reasons why I was dubious about the name "Holland" stems
from subscribers to garden lists.  The country name in their email add is
always NL.  

BTW, I recall your previous telling about the linkup of companies under
Foster & Gallagher, and was quite surprised to see Stark Bros. included in
the list.  Is that company owned by F & G?  I've always been very high on
Stark trees, but not on the other companies in the list.   

y2k problems came early to southwest Idaho.  What hassles yesterday and
today!  I'll get your seeds in the mail tomorrow.  My snail mail address is
Margaret Lauterbach, 2317 Sunrise Rim Rd., Boise, ID 83705.  TTYL, Margaret