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Wed, 17 Mar 1999 01:09:50 EST

Dear Margaret:

Sam's Club is owned by Walmart and has nothing to do with Price/Costco, Co.
Price Club was purchased by Costco a few years back (5 years).  They are based
in Kirkland, WA.  Sam's aka Walmart is based in Bentonville, Arkansas.
Merchandise carried by each is selected by totally different Merchandising

RE:  Holland/Netherlands/Nederlands.  It has been Dutch bulbs from Holland for
centuries.  I was VP of Merchandising for Foster & Gallagher for 5 years.
They have titles such as Breck's of Holland, Michigan Bulb, Stark Brothers,
Springhill,, etc.  When I would go to our growers in
Holland they always refereed to their country as Holland.  

I am not sure when the name the Netherlands came into being.  If you are
really interested I can check out the files.  I know when we celebrated the
500 year anniversary of the tulip there was mention of it.

There is nothing more breath taking than the Flower Market in Amsterdam.  To
watch them whiz around on bikes as it is so large and to sit and listen to the
flower auctions is a mystical experience.