[gardeners] Stuff I thought about this morning...

Harry Boswell (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 09:19:44 -0600

Took a short walk around the yard before going to work this morning.  The tulips
are coming up, and the first few blooms should be out in a few days.  You don't
see many tulips in central Mississippi, I guess because they don't come back
reliably (translation - in 10 years of planting tulips, I've had maybe 10 repeat
bloomers).  I just accept them as annuals and replant every year, and I buy the
cheap bags at Home Depot or Walmart and put them in the 'frig for 6-8 weeks
every year, because I do love tulips.  And often my neighbors will bring their
to my yard for Easter pictures in front of my tulips.

The blueberries are in full bloom.  If we get a late freeze, like we did two
years ago,
there won't be any blueberries.  Gotta get those sheets ready just in case.
that one of my Russian sage plants that I got last year seems to be dead.  The
one is green - should I dig up the brown one, or give it a while?

Interesting the things you learn when you're cooped up in a car with people for
2 days.  Janet and Kristen both love snapdragons - I never knew that.  I guess
better find some and plant them soon - IIRC, they're a cool-season flower.

Azaleas are beginning to bloom, spring phlox is about to crank up, and this year
I'm going to move the blue-eyed grass before Kristen picks all the flowers!

Enough for now...