Re: [gardeners] Stuff I thought about this morning...

George Shirley (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 11:50:17 -0600

Harry Boswell wrote:

> Took a short walk around the yard before going to work this morning.  The tulips
> are coming up, and the first few blooms should be out in a few days.  You don't
> see many tulips in central Mississippi, I guess because they don't come back
> reliably (translation - in 10 years of planting tulips, I've had maybe 10 repeat
> bloomers).  I just accept them as annuals and replant every year, and I buy the
> cheap bags at Home Depot or Walmart and put them in the 'frig for 6-8 weeks
> every year, because I do love tulips.  And often my neighbors will bring their
> children
> to my yard for Easter pictures in front of my tulips.
> The blueberries are in full bloom.  If we get a late freeze, like we did two
> years ago,
> there won't be any blueberries.  Gotta get those sheets ready just in case.
> Noticed
> that one of my Russian sage plants that I got last year seems to be dead.  The
> other
> one is green - should I dig up the brown one, or give it a while?
> Interesting the things you learn when you're cooped up in a car with people for
> 2 days.  Janet and Kristen both love snapdragons - I never knew that.  I guess
> I'd
> better find some and plant them soon - IIRC, they're a cool-season flower.
> Azaleas are beginning to bloom, spring phlox is about to crank up, and this year
> I'm going to move the blue-eyed grass before Kristen picks all the flowers!
> Enough for now...
> Harry

I didn't realize you were that much further north than us Harry. Our azaleas have
about stopped blooming and the tulips the neighbor planted have given up their
blooms too. The blueberries are setting fruit as is the Flordaglo peach, actually
the peaches are about the size of my thumb. Not bad for a tree planted three weeks
ago. The Pluot and Aprium or putting out leaves but don't expect blooms this year,
maybe next. The Kieffer pear has little leaf buds and no blooms, but, again, didn't
expect any this year. The Dorman Red raspberries don't appear to be doing much but I
don't remember when they're supposed to bloom and fruit.

It's a glorious day here in SW Louisiana, cool, lots of sunshine, very low humidity
(about 30%), and hardly any wind. I think I'll go plant something else.