Re: [gardeners] Stuff I thought about this morning...

Harry Boswell (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 13:02:39 -0600

>I didn't realize you were that much further north than us Harry. Our azaleas
>about stopped blooming and the tulips the neighbor planted have given up their
>blooms too. The blueberries are setting fruit as is the Flordaglo peach,
>the peaches are about the size of my thumb. Not bad for a tree planted three
>ago. The Pluot and Aprium or putting out leaves but don't expect blooms this
>maybe next. The Kieffer pear has little leaf buds and no blooms, but, again,
>expect any this year. The Dorman Red raspberries don't appear to be doing much
but I
>don't remember when they're supposed to bloom and fruit.

I'm borderline between Zone 7 and Zone 8 (if you notice the maps, a finger of
Zone 7
extends down into central Mississippi - I'm just a little south and west of the
of the finger).  It's kinda wierd - in Jackson itself, it's a solid zone 8.  I'm
about 10
miles north of the Jackson city limits, and it's ever so slightly different
here.  Things
behave somewhat differently at my mother's house, in south Jackson, than at
my house - that's a distance of 20 miles or so.  My apple trees haven't shown
sign of recognizing spring yet, but they've always been late starters.