[gardeners] Re:Fence, or something?

bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 20:45:58 -0600

That is exactly what I was going to suggest! It should be nice for the owners also.
If they worry at all about the noise their pet makes they should love anything that
would keep him from barking!
    Something to prevent him from viewing you is a nice idea but they would just
hear you over on your side and go nuts. Most animals love attention and if the
owners are gone much the dogs may not be getting enough loving. (Can they ever get
enough?) LOL


George Shirley wrote:

> It's been my experience that the dog will continue to bark at you even behind a
> fence such as you describe. Our next door neighbors dog would bark at me the
> same way. I got permission from the neighbors to make friends with it and begin
> to talk to it through the fence and give it the occasional dog treat (we have a
> dog too). After a bit it would just come up to the fence to be greeted and then
> go on about its business. Worked for me, may work for you, depends on how
> territorial the dog is.
> George