Re: [gardeners] Fence, or something?

David G. Smith (
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 21:20:26 -0500

I was afraid someone would say that.  I've tried giving the dog a few
treats; she'll take them if I drop them over the fence and walk away.  I
think she's very much afraid of me, really.  Maybe that approach would
work, if I would pursue it.  It's hard to be patient when a big dog is
threatening to eat you alive from three feet away!


>It's been my experience that the dog will continue to bark at you even
behind a
>fence such as you describe. Our next door neighbors dog would bark at me the
>same way. I got permission from the neighbors to make friends with it and
>to talk to it through the fence and give it the occasional dog treat (we
have a
>dog too). After a bit it would just come up to the fence to be greeted and
>go on about its business. Worked for me, may work for you, depends on how
>territorial the dog is.