Re: [gardeners] Fence, or something?

George Shirley (
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 20:57:13 -0600

"David G. Smith" wrote:

> I was afraid someone would say that.  I've tried giving the dog a few
> treats; she'll take them if I drop them over the fence and walk away.  I
> think she's very much afraid of me, really.  Maybe that approach would
> work, if I would pursue it.  It's hard to be patient when a big dog is
> threatening to eat you alive from three feet away!
> David
> >It's been my experience that the dog will continue to bark at you even
> behind a
> >fence such as you describe. Our next door neighbors dog would bark at me the
> >same way. I got permission from the neighbors to make friends with it and
> begin
> >to talk to it through the fence and give it the occasional dog treat (we
> have a
> >dog too). After a bit it would just come up to the fence to be greeted and
> then
> >go on about its business. Worked for me, may work for you, depends on how
> >territorial the dog is.
> >
> >George
> >
> >
> >
> >

David, next time you're out there and she comes up to bark, just squat down close
enough to look her in the eyes and then talk softly to her. She might bite so I
wouldn't try to pet her but you can generally, or at least I can, tell when a dog
wants to bite or is afraid and might bite. You might try hanging a shirt you've
worn, particularly one you've sweated in, over the fence and let her get used to
your smell. All of these methods work at one time or another.