[gardeners] Re:Fescue

bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 21:25:01 -0600

Kay here in Oklahoma we have fescue fields but when we get seed we try to get the
kind that is certified "endophyte free". As you probably know the cows can get
endophyte poisoning if we are not careful.
   Our 1 really good fescue field in bottom ground south of the house gets us
about 300 hundred medium round J.D. bales each summer and then we let the cows
graze it in the winter. Last summers drought we might have bailed maybe half of
that. Any other fescue we try to plant around the creeks and other low lying areas
of the property.
     Next year we want to try some Marshal Rye grass and see how good that works.
We just need to put it in a place we can control the cows access to it so they
don't grub it down to much we think. We hope it will blend well with the natural
prairie hay we get so we can have rye in the winter, take the cows off, let it dry
up and have the prairie grass come on and bale the two grasses together. We will
see how that works.

Kay Lancaster wrote:

> Go for it then!  Sounds like it'll work!  If you can find a cultivar with
> "high endophytes", they're usually much hardier than the other cultivars.
> Kay