Re: [gardeners] Re:stupid jalapeno question

Sullivan Peggy (
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 19:39:03 -0500

Bonnie wrote:

> George in the link I sent from the extension service they said to use a
> pressure canner. I guess that is just silly then since you are obviously alive
> well and haven't been sued!

I went back and looked at your link to the extension service page, and they 
recommend pressure canning because they do not add any acid.  The result
would be like canned pimentos or roasted peppers -- no vinegar.  This would
not be safe w/o pressure canning.  George was describing pickling the peppers 
in a 50/50 vinegar and water solution -- plenty of acidity, so safe to do
in a boiling water bath.  I think most sliced jalepenos from the store
are packed in vinegar, so that is probably what Harry wants to do.  

Peggy in NE PA, zone 5 where the daffodils are up but not yet in bloom.