Re: [gardeners] Re:stupid jalapeno question

George Shirley (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 20:02:24 -0600

bsk wrote:

> George in the link I sent from the extension service they said to use a
> pressure canner. I guess that is just silly then since you are obviously alive
> well and haven't been sued!
> bsk
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> George Shirley wrote:
> > Place the jars in a boiling water
> > bath, ie bring water to cover jars by 2 inches to a boil, insert jars, boil
> > for 5 minutes, 10 minutes is even better. Get the jars out, let sit on a
> > folded towel on counter until totally cool to the touch. You will probably
> > hear the lids "ping" as they seal.  I do about 20 or 30 pints a year to eat
> > and give
> > to friends. Another alternative, come by the house and I'll lay some on
> > you. ;-)
> >
> > George

If you are canning high acid vegetables you don't need to pressure can. High acid
would be tomatoes (be careful if you're growing low acid types - add a little
vinegar or lemon juice to bring pH up), and pickled veggies in a vinegar solution.
I reserve the pressure canner for stuff like green beans, black eyes, squash,
carrots, etc.  There are two good books on the subject out there - The Ball Blue
Book, costs about 6 bucks with shipping or a lot less at Walmart; and "Putting
Food By", available on for varying prices, get the latest edition of
both and follow the directions. You can also go to - a
USDA site and look over what the federal guvmint has to say about it.

Some extension services are more worried about getting sued and/or supporting big
business than in conveying the proper information. If I tell you to pressure can
everything I'm assuring two things - tasteless food and no lawsuits. <VBG>