[gardeners] Re: Pringles Pickle Chips

Bob Kirk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 20:38:15 -0600 (CST)

>>    BK---
>> doesn't suppose there's any rush to breed a jalapeno that grows to the size
>> of the jar so you could just stack the slices, and each one fits a sandwich.
>>   Like that new cucumber.... A proprietary variety, I guess; haven't seen
>> either the seeds or the pickles, though they've supposedly been marketing
>> those for a year or more.
> Which cuke is that? Am I missing something new? I have seen pickles that
> were sliced longways on the cuke to make them fit the sammich better.

   Not a clue, sorry, just some trivia heard or read. Not even sure when,
but it seems like about a year I've been idly looking for them in the
stores. The pickle strips work great and these probably lost out in test
marketing, but I thought they'd be worth trying for the novelty.
   Can't imagine it's possible to make them grow >that uniform, though
they'd no doubt be trimmed to diameter. Anyway, the secret was that they
never developed much of a seed cavity, so yielded solid pickle pretty much
all the way across even at that size.
   Which would be nice for those of us who >occasionally< grow giant cukes 
anyway - and who prefer pickling cucumbers for eating even if we'd never be
bothered to make our own pickles. Some food company was associated with the
project so I suppose it's a proprietary variety, but can't imagine there
wouldn't be at least some market for seed if it became available.


remembers the revelation of tasting a greenhouse cucumber for the first
time (for free, in veg production class) and realizing they're nothing more
than expensive individually wrapped black-spine cucumbers.