[gardeners] Re: Pringles Pickle Chips

Bob Kirk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 21:07:49 -0600 (CST)

> From: Kay Lancaster <kay@fern.com>
> >    Not a clue, sorry, just some trivia heard or read. Not even sure when,
> > but it seems like about a year I've been idly looking for them in the
> > stores. The pickle strips work great and these probably lost out in test
> > marketing, but I thought they'd be worth trying for the novelty.
> Vlasic "hamburger slices"... saw 'em today at the store.  I was about 15 
> ft away... looked like the skins were still on, not trimmed.

   And there they are! Pretty unmistakable, too, even without the garish
yellow color. "NEW!" all the way around the lid, for what that's worth. So
maybe they did just hit the wider market, though I thought things moved a
lot faster than that in the food biz. Didn't buy any after all.
   Tremendously inefficient use of available volume; no way these would
need to be [whatever the inverse of cored is] to fit the jar. Nor does
there seem to be that much uniformity even from the top of each 3-4" stack
to the bottom. Or (relatively speaking) that minimal a seed cavity.

   As for fitting a sandwich... 'fraid not. At least not one that's made
out of standard slices of bread, though they would (unpickled) make pretty
hefty cucumber sandwiches for tea on the lawn. Altogether, a false alarm.


assumes the delay was due to Vlasic trying to verify _exactly_ how some
critical, absolutely fundamental analysis in their stat program is to be
specified, without the company giving increasingly ambiguous answers to
increasingly specific questions and gently hinting that the new version
would solve all their problems....