[gardeners] pickles

KrisP64@aol.com (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 2 Apr 1999 13:31:21 EST

Is this the list talking about pickles. To many lists to remember anyway 
thought I would pass this on

Kris P

Well, an appropriate announcement for the day would be the new cucumber
that has just been released. Cucumber 'Lirpa Loof', a product of gene
splicing, has been released to the gardening world.  This wonderful plant
has had recombinant DNA gene splicing to combine dill with the cucumber and
-don't ask me how - the plant scientists have been able to get it to breed
true.  We now have a cucumber that tastes like dill pickles!  The news
release said that adding the hot brine (all you pickle makers out there
know about this step) increases the dill flavour in the plant.  I for one
am looking forward to growing this plant in the garden this summer as I
won't have to try getting the dill to harvest exactly when the crop of
cucumbers is ready to pick.  The news release went on to say that the plant
was in no other way altered, it grows like a normal vine-type cucumber and
is a middling to heavy yielding plant. It does appreciate (as do all
cucumbers I note) a steady supply of water. Stress lowers the dill taste
apparently. So if you are growing them this summer, do keep the water
levels even and do not be afraid to throw the compost to it.  Remember the
name, Cucumber 'Lirpa Loof' when you go  cucumber shopping this spring. It
apparently will be available through most major seed companies.:-)