[gardeners] Onions

Marguerite (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 02 Apr 1999 17:54:57 -0600

Hi Allen,
        I just found out yesterday, that the grocery store here in town
has the 1015Y Texas Sweet onion plants, too.  There were 60 cents
(including tax) for 65 onion plants.  I couldn't believe my good
fortune!!  I am labeling each section of the garden to indicate the kind
of onion, and where I got them (here in Warsaw, or Territorial Seeds
Company) so that I can tell if there is any difference in the taste
according to where they were purchased.  If the ones that are $.60 a
bundle here in Warsaw, MO, taste the same as the $6.95 per bundle plus
shipping ($3.75) from Territorial Seeds Company, then I will always buy
them at the local grocery store.  In fact, they will have to taste quite
a bit better to pay that much more for them next year.
        I do love onions in lots of recipes, but I am ashamed to tell
you what an "obscessed" person I have become with ordering onions this
year.  I now have become the owner of 520 Vidalia onion plants, and 455
of the 1015Y Texas Sweet onions for a grand total of 975 onion plants.
I have never planted this many before, and I am afraid that I will be
looking for neighbors who like onions when these are ready to harvest.
        Only 325 of those are the expensive ones.  Where I went "nuts",
was at the grocery store, when I saw the really great looking plants for
just 58 cents for a bundle of 65 plants.  (tax made it 60 cents)
        I have copied the sources you listed, to use next year if the
locally purchased Vidalia and 1015Y Texas Sweet onion plants, are not
the same high quality as the $6.95 per bundle of 50-75 plants.
        Thank you very much for your time and efforts to provide those
resources for me to check.  I will check those out immediately, and keep
bookmarked for use next spring, if needed.
        Marguerite Ruch on the shore of Truman Lake in Missouri.