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Penny Nielsen (
Sat, 3 Apr 1999 13:44:53 -0400

Hi Penny

The sweet millions are really good and extremely prolific too Penny.  I sowed 5 kinds last year from seeds I had left from last year.  I know I'll be giving a lot of plants away again this year if they all sprout.  I froze a bunch of plum ones and stillhaven't used them all up.  I really have to get into canning as I don't like frozen veggies as well.

I bought some little yellow and blue iris last fall.  The yellow are just about finished blooming but the blue are beautiful right now.  One turned out to be purple.  Still have some crocus blooming but most are on their way out now.  Many others that look like crocus that I put in last fall but they haven't bloomed yet and not sure what they are.  The tiny chiondoxas just started blooming a couple of days ago.  Love the little things and they spread their seed everywhere.

Ah, just looked out the window and saw my first robin of the year tho I think I heard them during the week.  Just put out some food for them and while out I noticed some of the tete a tete daffs about to open as well as the primula vulgaris (I think) next to the blue iris.  Hope they will bloom togethere.  Lawn is starting to green up.  I think spring is my favourite time of the year.  Noticed yesterday that my hostas have started to poke up through the ground.

Here's to the weather improving soon for you and that you and  everyone else has a good growing season.

Penny in sunny Halifax, Nova Scotia where DH is out scraping the windows.

>>> penny x stamm <> 04/01 11:22 pm >>>
Allen, the Sweet 100's was the most generous and delicious of
all my tomato growing -- and yes, it continued on very late, like

Nothing grew well last year except that. Perhaps summer '99 
will be more fruitful. 

The only thing come alive here in the entire area are a dozen
crocuses in my rock garden. Winter hasn't left us yet, 
especially the winds.

Penny, NY

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