[gardeners] Re: Taste buds & smell buds <was> Pringles...

Bob Kirk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 3 Apr 1999 13:21:19 -0600 (CST)

> From: penny x stamm <pennyx1@Juno.com> 
> BobK said:
> >due to underdeveloped taste buds, regrettably unable
> >to savour either a hamburger or a Pringles "potato chip"
> >
> Now that would be very hard to imagine, were it not for the fact that
> antibiotics during the past 15 years have destroyed my own
> ability to taste food, as well. Of course, I have a daughter who has 
> never been able to smell anything at all -- and I wonder which of
> us is worse off...?? 

   Can't imagine either, but they don't sound like fun.  Actually I was
just kidding, but the implication would have been that in these two cases
at least, you aren't missing anything.