Re: [gardeners] overseeding zoysia with Rye grass

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Sun, 4 Apr 1999 23:58:34 -0400

Hi Matt,  I don't know anyone that's overseeded Zoysia with rye grass.
I've seen it over other kinds of grass, but not the zoysia.  Not sure if it
will do well as thick as the zoysia is, but you could try it.  Then let us
all know.  My mother's boyfriend's daughter just dug up her whole
front yard of zoysia and replaced it with centipede.  They didn't like it
being "prickly".  It's in full sun and the centipede will do well there.
Zoysia spreads but slowly.  I don't think anything grows like bermuda!
I hate that stuff!  Makes a nice football field, but I sure don't want
any more of it in my lawn.  We must have had some seeded here
when they first seeded the lawns, but with our back yard so shaded,
it didn't really take.
Well, Fran and Bertha changed all that a couple of years ago, and we have
a lot more sun in our back yard now.  And now I'm finding Bermuda where
I didn't know I had it.  And where I don't want it.
It's good to hear from you, and to know you haven't finished working
to death yet. :-)
Coastal Carolina.
USDA zone 8; Sunset zone 32; AHS Heat zone 8

> I have a small patch of zoysia as part of our front lawn. I was thinking
>of digging it up in plugs and replacing the assorted grass/weeds/greenstuff
>in the rose garden walkway with it. Approximately 40 feet long by 5 feet
> Since the zoysia looks totally dead for 5-6 months a year, I want to be
>able to overseed with rye grass for winter. Both the perennial and annual
>rye grass die out completely when summer hits it's stride, about early
> Anyone had any luck with this? What rate for overseeding did you use?
>  The borders are edged with '3 hole' brick placed on its side as a mowing
>strip. Will the zoysia rush through the holes as fast as our wonderful
>bermuda grass does?
>Matt Trahan  <>
>USDA zone 8, AHS heat zone 7, Sunset zone 31, northeastern N.C.