Re: [gardeners] overseeding zoysia with Rye grass

Matt Trahan (
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 00:44:11 -0400

>Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 23:58:34 -0400
>From: "Michael & Bambi Cantrell" <>
>Subject: Re: [gardeners] overseeding zoysia with Rye grass 
>Hi Matt,  I don't know anyone that's overseeded Zoysia with rye grass.
>I've seen it over other kinds of grass, but not the zoysia.  Not sure if it
>will do well as thick as the zoysia is,

 Yep, same thoughts here. Hoping someone had tried it and it worked great.
 Planning on skipping the extra work if I can't keep it green in the winter.

 but you could try it.  Then let us
>all know.  My mother's boyfriend's daughter just dug up her whole
>front yard of zoysia and replaced it with centipede.  They didn't like it
>being "prickly".

Huh? Maybe I have the wrong grass ID. Zoysia is spongy, thick turf, fine
bladed dense carpet, clogs mower when it gets too high and mower scalps a
huge chunk right off the top. *Wonderful* to walk on, Almost looks like
swued (sp?) leather, love the texture and color in summer, just not the
color in winter. ;-)
 It's going to be the main path to the back yard. How well does it wear
when it's dormant?
 Isn't centipede that light green, thick bladed, stuff that sort of creeps
horizontally and doesn't cover real well?

  It's in full sun and the centipede will do well there.
>Zoysia spreads but slowly.  I don't think anything grows like bermuda!
>I hate that stuff!  Makes a nice football field, but I sure don't want
>any more of it in my lawn.  We must have had some seeded here
>when they first seeded the lawns, but with our back yard so shaded,
>it didn't really take.
>Well, Fran and Bertha changed all that a couple of years ago, and we have
>a lot more sun in our back yard now.  And now I'm finding Bermuda where
>I didn't know I had it.  And where I don't want it.

 Yep, I've only found one bermuda lawn that looked absolutely wonderful.
Thick, immaculatly green, absolutely wonderful. Until my customer
constantly insisted I scalp it. Always thought it looked better before I
mowed it than after!
 Of course she only had concrete coping for her pool around it. Didn't have
to worry about it rushing everywhere into flower beds, between flagstones,
 Bermuda in summer and rye (or chickweed/speedwell/ground ivy ;-)) in
winter is the 'default' grass for the area. Tall fescues work well here if
you're willing to spend the money to overseed annually and fertilize and
water them appropriately.

>It's good to hear from you, and to know you haven't finished working
>to death yet. :-)
>Coastal Carolina.
>USDA zone 8; Sunset zone 32; AHS Heat zone 8

 Nope! Had entire weekend off! (probably shouldn't admit that anywhere,
it'll change next weekend for sure)
 Worked in our yard and pond most of yesterday, and at my mom inlaws today.
Had a wonderful outdoor Easter.
 It was almost hot out today. Heat and Daylight savings time, Gotta Love it!

Matt Trahan  <>
USDA zone 8, AHS heat zone 7, Sunset zone 31, northeastern N.C.