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George Shirley (
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 08:16:52 -0500

bsk wrote:

>  Penny I have always wanted a little red wagon for such jobs but am afraid it
> would still be to small. Wouldn't it be nice to have something like a large
> child's wagon customized? You could have tools on the side and flat storage
> on top. My husband and son welds, I wonder what I could come up with?
> bsk
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> penny x stamm wrote:
> >  The problem comes when I am trying to plant or weed within a fairly large
> > area -- I have to
> > remember to pull the flats, buckets, tool pail, trash pail, Osmocote
> > and then the stool, along with me as I move the kneeling pads -- and
> > the wheelbarrow is always in my way, full of yet more flats!  It's only
> > my vision of Paradise that keeps me going...
> >
> > Penny, NY

Several supply companies, including Northern Tool, have very large "little red
wagons" in their catalogs. Some with removable stake sides and all with large
wheels to roll well on grass or dirt. We recently bought a  garden cart at
Walmart for 49.95 plus tax, has clips on the side for hoe or rake, small
compartments along the top sides, one of which is covered, and the handle is wide
and flat and folds back along the wagon/cart to make a seat. It has large wheels
and the front wheels are steerable. I like it already because I can haul my stuff
out to the garden and then sit on the cart and push it along with my feet. Sure
takes the strain off my arthritic ankles and knees. I've also hauled 30 full size
brick in it with no problem.