Re: [gardeners] garden stuff

penny x stamm (
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 02:25:59 -0400

Hi Allen,

I'm the radish eater in the family -- I simply enjoy everything

We don't plant regular onions, just use the onion sets for 
growing what I call scallions, altho the bulb is a bit rounder. 
Jimmie has always preferred planting oriental veggies, probably
because he does prefer oriental food. Our experience with bok
choy last summer was not good, however -- the flavor was
too strong, and the leaves too tough. We did plant three
watermelon vines, and were rewarded with two melons. They grew 
beautifully until they reached the size of grapefruit, and then one
morning we came out and they had collapsed. Considering that
the cucumbers grew like boomerangs - or maybe I should say
like hockey sticks - it definitely was not one of our finest years! 
Bless the tomatoes and green peppers; at least they did come

I also made the acquaintance of a tiny little Cotton Tail last year --
I was sitting right on the ground, planting a bed of begonias, when he
quietly slipped out from under my bank of azaleas, and decided to 
stay right there and watch me!  At that instant he was not my enemy. 
Not yet.  

I did have a friend in China who bought her son a pet rabbit to keep 
him company because his parents worked such long hours... By the
time i saw the rabbit, he was quite large, and believe me, totally
like a favorite dog. Except that he never barked... He had the run of the
house, and while we were talking, he would go over under a cool window,
turn upside down with feet in the air, and go to sleep..!  When snacks
were served to us, he came over and sniffed but did not touch, with his
front paws on the coffee table. I was impressed.


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