Re: [gardeners] Bambi and her experiments

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 23:13:32 -0400

>Hey, Bambi, we missed you.  Are you having trouble deciding whether the
>soil is sufficiently warm for planting?  Golly, you just get settled,
>decide it is warm enough, then here comes the tour bus, and you can't stand
>up because it wouldn't be fitting to moon the tourists, now would it?  Then
>the danged tour bus has a flat tire and you have to sit there for two
>hours, your skin registering every stone, every fold, every worm track
>while the chill gradually comes over you, and by the time you can stand up
>(well, sort of), you decide the soil is too cool for planting. How'd you
>get on that tour bus route, anyway?  Margaret L

Danged if I know when they changed the bus route Margaret!  First thing I
about it was when the danged bus came by.  I sure was glad I was
sitting down by that time.  And you're right.  The soil wasn't quite
warm enough.
I've been lurking on all the gardens lists, but have just been too busy to
do much posting.  It's 11:00 PM when I'm catching up on mail tonight, but
I'm off work tomorrow, and the kids are off on spring break so I can sleep
at least 7 in the morning.  I'll really be burning daylight by then.
I've got so much catching up to do in the garden that I may never get it all
this year.  And the seasons will come whether I'm ready or not.

We're short staffed at work so I'm working 4 to 7 days a week some weeks
and sometimes 9 days in a row before I get a day off, and with 3 kids
soccer and 1 of them doing cubscouts and baseball season coming,
I just don't have time to do it all.

So I lurk on the lists and enjoy the talk.
Thanks for asking.

Coastal Carolina
USDA zone 8; Sunset zone 31; AHS Heat zone 8