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Allen and Judy Merten (
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 20:55:23 -0500

Hi Penny,
    George and I have it made when it comes to gardening. Other than the
heat of the summer in July and August, most years we can garden about 10
months out of the year.
    I don't raise any radishes as they are not a popular item with my
family. Do your onions fail to bulb? If so you might want to try a "long day
    Last night just before dark I was thinning out the turnips and pulling
some green onions, I found a baby Cotton Tail Rabbit. He was so small his
ears were about the size of my thumb nail. He just sat there under some of
the potato plants while I worked my way past him.
    Bastrop Co.
    SE Central Tx.

penny x stamm wrote:

> Hi Allen,
> Wish I were in your gardening shoes these days -- the only
> thing blooming in my yard are crocuses -- I've been saying
> that for days! It will be 6 more weeks before any young veggie
> plants show up in the nurseries. Nothing but pansies for sale...
> I'm still voting for my Korean pickles (called Kimchee Oy, or
> pickled cucumbers) as my favorite. They're "new" type, hot,
> crisp and savory -- only problem is that they can't be made
> more than a week ahead of eating.
> Do you raise daikon, the large, white Oriental radish? In fact,
> we have a problem with all radishes -- they get attacked underground
> much of the time. In the same area, onion sets grow picture perfect,
> and get harvested as scallions.
> Rain here for Easter Sunday, plus a thunderstorm or two. And of
> course, more wind.  Funny thing, though -- the U.S.mailmen are
> wearing shorts! They'll look pretty funny if it decides to sleet.....
> Penny, NY zone 6, no sun at all
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