Re: [gardeners] OT -- GRUMP!!

George Shirley (
Fri, 09 Apr 1999 13:25:53 -0500

Jane Burdekin wrote:

> >Everybody better stay out of my way today.  Paper is late, dog says it's
> >here and he's lying.  Open the sliding glass door on a blizzard.  Damned
> >calender says it's April 9, but who ever heard of "for April blizzards, may
> >come your way..."  Got the aches and the garden isn't planted.  All reasons
> >enough for grumping.  Margaret L
> I had one of those days last week.  Just ruins the whole day when the paper
> doesn't come.  I had to leave for work so there is sat when I got home at
> lunchtime.  Old news by then.   Hope it gets better.  I guess you are
> saying I better recover the peony.  It already has buds!
> Jane
> zone 5 Colorado

Gawd! We're old. Not getting my morning paper to read with my first cup of
coffee about kills the day for me. My son and daughter learned at my knee and
are the same way. The grandkids, forget it, if it ain't on TeeWee it ain't worth
even looking at. Luckily the eldest granddaughter loves to read so she at least
reads the entertainment section and the funnies every day. She's only twelve so
there's hope for her yet.

Had to wean myself from reading three newspapers a day, the two local papers and
the Houston Chronicle. Had read the Houston Chronicle every day for about 30
years, big time oil field trash newspaper of course. Gave it up three years ago,
gave up Sulphur's SW Daily News two years ago, po'ed at their editorial policy -
political correctness before news, spelling and punctuation aren't important
either. Only read the one now and would about die if it didn't come in. I am
definitely not a TV junkie but am a print junkie.

George, off for his weekly visit to the library.