Re: [gardeners] OT-GRUMP!-cooking with tomato plants.

margaret lauterbach (
Fri, 09 Apr 1999 13:48:39 -0600

At 01:24 PM 4/9/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear M:
>So sorry but maybe this will make thing seem less catastrophic.  I started
>seeds for 4 differents kinds of tomatoes.   Sweet 100s, Beeksteak, Consuloto
>Genevese (something like that) and Roma VFs.  One Wed. I got home and my
>greenhouse room registered over 100F on the thermometer ( I forgot to open
>window a crack in the sun was blazing in there all day AND the slider was
>shut.  Well, needless to say, all my tomatoes, there were about 48 tomatoes
>with there second leaves were all lying there on the seed pack soil, looking
>like snot.  They had been cooked.  I was heart broken.  Haven't even had the
>heart to start new ones.  Oddly enough, the Cardinal flowers which were up as
>well, in the same seed pack thingy, servived and are doing nicely.  Does
>know how long Datura takes to germinate.  Mine have been in about a week
>I didn't cook them as well)
Well, Diane, you win some and you lose some.  Sometimes it is a Good Thing.
 Especially losing the Romas.  Ptooey. They're prone to disease, lose every
taste test that's ever been conducted, nasty mean little things...if you
want paste tomatoes, try Super Italian paste, sausage paste, amish paste,
Giant Hungarian paste, etc.  The "Beeksteak" sounded rather tasty, though.
<VBG> You'll find even better varieties for sale in front of your friendly
local supermarket.  Margaret, and it's siesta time.