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>Dear list,
>  I can speak from personal experience with moles...the juicy fruit 
>works!  I lived in San Francisco for many years and when I first moved 
>in my lawn was just riddled with moles.  I tried everything, including 
>the neighbor man who was a good ol' southern boy and didn't mind 
>smacking the things with a bat and then picking up the dead and 
>bleeding body...but even he couldn't keep up with them.  And besides, 
>he eventually moved away.  I tried the 
>flushing-them-out-with-the-hose, dogs (although not dachsunds), poison 
>put down the holes, etc.  After all those things failed, I heard on a 
>radio gardening show about putting an unchewed stick of juicy fruit 
>down the holes.  What could I lose?  So, I tried it and shabam!  
>within a week or two all of the mole holes were quiet and no more ever 
>came up.  And I lived there for 3 more years...  I'm sold on it.  Now, 
>the question is: are moles and groundhogs similiar enough for the 
>groudhogs to like the juicy fruit too?  It's worth a try.  (keep 
>putting a fresh stick down all the holes day after day until your sure 
>that the critters are gone)

I doubt this would work = they are very different critters.  Size, for
example = ground hogs are the size of small dogs, sometimes larger, with
the digging capabilities of moles.


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