Re: [gardeners] GROUNDHOGS

William McKay (
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 05:55:12 PDT

I have been battling groundhogs (AKA woodchucks) for years with mixed 
success.  Juicy fruit gum will definitely not work.  Fences do not 
work either nor does all the various advice I have heard(leave on a 
radio, preferably to an obnoxious talk radio station, hair, etc) 
However, if you can find their hole, I have a better idea regarding 
what to drop down there.  If you go to the local farm supply store, 
they should sell smoke bombs made especially for woodchucks.  You 
simply find the hole,  light the fuse, toss it in the hole, and cover 
the hole with dirt.

If the woodchuck was a smart one, he will have a second exit and 
escape (but will definitely never come back to that burrow).  If he is 
a suburban woodchuck and only has one entrance, well then too bad. 

Bill McKay in E. Mass (who is very sad since the neighbors freaked and 
got the wildlife folks to trap the coyote who had been living in the 
swamp down the road.  I had high hopes for him cleaning out the 
young woodchucks.) 

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>Dear list,
>  I can speak from personal experience with moles...the juicy fruit 
>works!  I lived in San Francisco for many years and when I first 
>in my lawn was just riddled with moles.  I tried everything, 
>the neighbor man who was a good ol' southern boy and didn't mind 
>smacking the things with a bat and then picking up the dead and 
>bleeding body...but even he couldn't keep up with them.  And besides, 
>he eventually moved away.  I tried the 
>flushing-them-out-with-the-hose, dogs (although not dachsunds), 
>put down the holes, etc.  After all those things failed, I heard on a 
>radio gardening show about putting an unchewed stick of juicy fruit 
>down the holes.  What could I lose?  So, I tried it and shabam!  
>within a week or two all of the mole holes were quiet and no more 
>came up.  And I lived there for 3 more years...  I'm sold on it.  
>the question is: are moles and groundhogs similiar enough for the 
>groudhogs to like the juicy fruit too?  It's worth a try.  (keep 
>putting a fresh stick down all the holes day after day until your 
>that the critters are gone)
>  Carolyn (who is very tired from planting 100 daylilies this week)
>  zone 7b
>  Bethesda
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