[gardeners] Weekend gardening

Harry Boswell (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 09:37:35 -0500

Spent Saturday and Sunday in the yard, and I can report that summer is
trying to arrive early in Mississippi.  The temperature was within a 
degree or so of 90, and the sun was beating down.  But the foundation 
crew that's been working on my house the past 2 weeks left Thursday
(I was impressed - the yard was neater than they found it - they even
scrubbed out my garage, where they had broken through the slab to set 
a pier!).  So, I could finally get to things, and my new tiller was back
from the shop (something broke after the first 10 minutes of
tilling - hey Sears, your QC stinks!), so Saturday I mowed and picked up,
in between gettiing Kristen to ball practice and a birthday party;after
the party, I went to my sister's house and did some tilling I had been
promising her I'd do.  Sunday after church i attacked the perennial bed 
out front, where I had a  bumper crop of blackberry vines growing - 2 hours 
later, I had filled up a 33-gallon trash can.  And I mean filled - I had
compressed the load several times to get it all in.  No composting
these beasts!  Then I moved an old azalea - I'm opening up the front yard
a bit, and the clump of shrubs where it lived had to go.  The nandina
had already been moved, but I waited to let this one finish blooming.
I started to just pitch it, because it is old, and pretty battered, but I 
decided it had earned a reprieve.  Then (pure organic gardeners
please cover your eyes) I sprayed Roundup over a part of the garden
that's about to undergo extensive renovation.  Potted up a few
bedding plants I had forgotten about, in some pots I had forgotten,
using some potting soil I had forgotten about.  Who needs to go
to the garden center?  i just wander around to parts of the yard I
haven't been to in a while, and look for surprises!  Need to plant corn
this week, and get some tomatoes in the ground, but I gotta hurry - 
I'm off to a star party this weekend, and I've got a new telescope on
order (sold an old one, so to maintain the requisite minimum of
three scopes, I had to buy one, right?) which should be here Tuesday
or Wednesday.
On that subject, my local library has asked me about giving a series
of talks on astronomy and stargazing - if you folks were going to
a talk on this, what would you like to hear about?  I've got some
ideas, but I figure you would represent the audience pretty well,
so I would like to hear from you.